Sample Success Stories

Neil Rose – Main Board Director, Broadway Malyan

“Seán played a fundamental part is us securing our largest ever higher education project with a 7-figure fee. His easily accessible and applicable and sometimes very amusing insights into business psychology, as well as the practical communication skills he showed my team, helped us apply these crucial skills easily and effectively during the project winning interview.”

Kate Spicer - Talent Management Advisor, Arriva

"I'd lacked confidence at work for far too many years and, no matter what training or support I received, nothing has worked. I felt I couldn't change so opted to stay in the background. After working with Seán everything DID change like never before. I applied for a challenging international job that I didn't think I would get. But, applying his techniques not only helped me to gain the promotion AND a pay increase, but also a boost to my natural confidence. And this has helped me no end in my new role. A massive thank you to Seán!"

Matt Giblin - Senior Quantity Surveyor, PMP Consultants Ltd

"I sometimes struggled with public speaking, but then went on a course with Seán. Furthermore he gave me confidence in myself and was approachable and helpful when I had queries. And two weeks afterwards I undertook a presentation in front of a new client and won $73,000 of business from just that interview!"

Andy Lopata - Europe’s Leading Networking Strategist

"I recommended Seán to a client of mine recently as he clearly lacked the confidence to put my training into action. In just six weeks, the transformation is remarkable. After one session with Seán and regular e-learning, he sounds much more confident, controlled and focused. And he has also received a number of high quality referrals in that time."

Rhian Rees – Learning & Capability Development Manager, Vodafone

“You not only motivated and inspired our Business Advisers, you gave them the confidence and energy to perform successfully. Since then, we have experienced the best business sales in retail so far this year.”

Pritesh Dattani - Head of Internal Audit, easyJet

"Thanks to you Seán, both easyJet and I have benefited because of the way I and the company came across. You definitely gave me the confidence and belief in myself to deal with presenting to a large professional audience in a manner that was dynamic and brought to life a subject which is normally considered dreary!"

Barry Horgan – Training Manager, Petro-Canada

“Seán is passionate about helping people to excel, and helping them to achieve their potential. Some of his methods for how to push and encourage people to achieve are a little out of the ordinary – and all the better for it. If you want a run of the mill, tick the box ‘course’ then Seán may not be for you. If you want him to nudge someone outside of their comfort zone so that they can communicate confidently and more effectively, he’s your man!”

Keith Gait - COO, NHS Direct

“Seán is a true inspiration! I was completely blown away with how he very quickly understood what I was trying to do when it came to my presentation needs, and came up with a fantastic, innovative and very creative solution and worked with me to shape it to my own style.“He is expert at establishing your own personality traits and communications style and very quickly he knew me better than I knew myself! Without doubt, a first class operator, great communicator and fun to work with.”

Eman Al Awadhi – Group Communications Director, Kuwait Projects Co

“Working in the communications field, it is vital that you understand people in order to get the message across to them clearly and effectively. This was one major challenge I had before working with Seán. The coaching sessions have made me better aware. Thanks to this new skill, I can adjust my approach on my feet and gain the support of the people I am presenting to. As a direct result, I am now confident in giving short speeches on the spot, reacting to unexpected incidences while presenting or giving speeches, and I am a better communicator!”

Ben Turner, Sales Director, Institute of Sales & Marketing Management

"Our delegates not only got so much practicable game-changing value from Seán's session, but they got stand-up comedy entertainment from him, too! He set the room alight with his interactive session. Not only was it full of fascinating practical and psychological techniques that we all learned from and are now putting into practice, but his audience interaction was sublime – both entertaining and energising. No wonder that the vast majority of those there rated him in their feedback as Excellent."

Veronica Kher – Information Services Manager, Petro-Canada

“Seán worked with us to improve our interpersonal and business presentation communication skills on both an individual and a team level. We noticed a rapid and sustainable improvement in both areas which has proved to be of great value to the business. He was a pleasure to work with, being insightful, motivating and entertaining.”

Karen Powell – Learning & Development Director, Royal Mail

“Seán was as motivational as he was very, very funny and he left everyone feeling energised, entertained and even more personally and professionally confident to successfully tackle the great challenges ahead. Lots of my team said that, from now on, they wanted to conduct their professional interventions like Seán!”

Who Is Seán Brickell...and Why Work With Him?

For large businesses losing money and even damaging the perception of their brand because of too many unsuccessful sales pitches, staff disengagement and then higher staff turnover as well as other missed business opportunities because of ineffective networking, professional & personal development specialist Seán Brickell helps you achieve and enjoy some greater and measurable results by showing you how to overcome these challenges so you get very real everyday results.

Seán is a reformed network TV news correspondent & presenter and undercover investigative journalist turned international business psychologist and communication skills specialist.

As well as giving interactive keynote speeches, he gives ongoing (in-person and online) group training and individual coaching to staff in businesses around the world so they master their psychological mindset and practical skill set to become more profitable and personable presenters, sales people and networkers. They get to discover how best to program their brain and understand and use body language to writing and speaking the right words and even how they walk more persuasively - all without being Machiavellian!

The NLP practitioner and hypnotherapist is also an award-winning journalist and broadcaster.  He was the UK’s youngest ever on-screen network TV news correspondent, aged just 21. He has also been an undercover investigative journalist for national newspapers, exposing multi-million-pound frauds and uncovering, often in some earthy and bizarre scenarios, the deeds of some of life’s more colourful and corrupt people!

He regularly appears on the television, the radio and in the print and online media talking about confidence and communication-related subjects. He is also the author of Don't Shoot I'm Not Well! Confidence for when you really need it which became a bestseller (next in the rankings to a book by the Dalai Lama!).